Pinpointing deception

The BBC reports today on research using Functional MRI to pinpoint which parts of the brain are used to deceive people. Researchers are hoping that helping to understand how the brain works will help in the understanding of ‘mental disorders’. Read more on the BBC website:

Christine Talbot sneaks on to the BBC

The BBC News Channel did an outside broadcast from Knaresborough Technology Park yesterday, home of project partner Apollo Creative. The portrait of Christine Talbot featured as a back drop for several of the reports, including an interview with Mark Hildred. As one of the interviews wrapped up, the smiling face of Christine appeared on the […]

New finds at Star Carr

New excavations at the Star Carr site have uncovered what could be the oldest house in Britain:

MRI scans used for Autism diagnosis

BBC reports on the use of MRI scanning data to help diagnose autism in adults:

Sheeps in MRI scanner

Interesting article about using an MRI scanner on sheep to help boost flock quality!

Brain scans can distinguish memory

Researchers use an MRI scanner to ‘see’ memories and predict what people are thinking about:

York Minster Nights – January 2010

A Sense of Place was featured as part of York Minster Nights. You can see some images here:

Latest Project – Artists in the Archive

You can follow the latest Geodesic project on our blog and Flickr sites: Flickr – Blog –

New comission for geodesic

Mark, Damian, John and Kippa have been commissioned by York Museums Trust to explore the Mesolithic…

Archbishop Holgates Learning Centre

Two of the pieces on display in the new learning centre at Archbishop Holgates School.