Ethics in Science and Art…

Today we discussed what ‘Ethics’ are or what the term actually means. It’s difficult to define exactly but the term covers many ideas about, for instance, right/wrong, public and personal values, the influence and role of society, religion, law. There are also many other things to discuss when talking about ethics – these ideas are […]

Session at YNiC

Today we had our introductory session at YNiC – thanks to Sam and colleagues for doing such a good job with the presentation and demos. We also handed out a short question sheet on what was covered today. Some of the answers will be used to provide supporting information for the exhibition when it opens. […]

Our First Session At Archbishop Holgate’s

This first session introduced the project team, the project itself and the background in terms of portraiture, MRI, Ethics and work we have done before as a team. The presentation is available as a pdf here.