Me, Myself and MRI at York Hospital

The exhibition is now open at York Hospital, where it will stay until the end of July. To visit the exhibition, turn right after you enter the hospital through the main entrance. It’s in the exhibition space which is opposite the WRVS cafĂ©. Exhibition opening hours are 9am – 5pm 7 days a week

Scan-tastic look inside the brain

Me, Myself and MRI features in today’s Bradford Telegraph and Argus:Scan-tastic look inside the brain

Me, Myself and MRI at Impressions Gallery

The exhibition opened in the Studio at Impressions Gallery on Tuesday 7th April. Lots of people made it to the opening event, including the Lord Mayor of Bradford, and we got some really good feedback.

The Making of Me, Myself and MRI

The project team all got together to do some filming for the extended version of the ‘Making of’ video.


Can machines read our minds? This is a really interesting article from The Times that explores the new phenomenon of ‘brainjacking’, being used by marketing experts, psychologists and criminal investigators. It also looks at the ethics of invading someone’s thoughts without their consent: Times article on brainjacking

Me, Myself and MRI – the ‘making of’ video

John edited a short video/slideshow to accompany the exhibition launch. It tells the story of the project to date and you can watch it here:

The Making of Me, Myself and MRI – John’s video now online

John put together a short video for the exhibition launch that tells the story of the project so far…

Exhibition logo unveiled

A big thanks to Sam and David at Burn for designing the logo for the exhibition. The brief that we gave Sam and David was based on the session we did on publicity so we passed on the group’s ideas about the logo design i.e. that we wanted something that looked scientific but fun. As […]

Prototype gets the once over…

We installed one of the exhibition pieces at York Neuroimaging Centre yesterday and University of York Chancellor Greg Dyke came to have a look.

PR and Marketing

Today’s session was all about PR and marketing. We started off looking at how to put together a press release, thinking about the four questions you need to ask yourself each time you put one together: who are you writing for? what have you got to say? how are you going to say it? where […]