Demo of final artworks

Today we began with a discussion on project participants and selecting the final two subjects for our exhibition. We also saw a prototype version of the final exhibition pieces. Mark and Ben set the demo up in the classroom so that we could test the interactive technology and review the audio, video and photographic portraits. […]

Interactive art installations

Today we talked about the sort of interactive technology we might use in the final exhibition. Interactive technology, when used in art installations, allows the audience to join in and interact with the artworks. Mark started the session by demonstrating different types of variable sensors such as a squeeze sensor, a pressure sensor and one […]

Photographic Portraits

Today Kippa Matthews, our photographer, ran a session on portrait photography. We started by looking at examples of different types of portrait, including works by photographers such as Jane Bown, Steve Pyke, Arnold Newman, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Martin Parr. We discussed the different types of lighting used – several of the portraits we looked at […]

YOUnique exhibition at Impressions Gallery

YOUnique opens this weekend at Impressions Gallery and runs until 2 March in their Studio. Students from Bradford Academy worked with Columbian artist Juan Pablo Echeverri looking at the links between appearance and identity and what makes us unique and created a new video work. Check it out at Impressions’ website

Interesting brain facts online

The BBC website has some interesting interactive features on the brain, including a functional map of the brain that shows which parts of the brain are linked to different emotions and feelings. BBC online