Calendar News

Follow the link below to see the feature on the exhibition on last nights Calendar News. The full feature is 16 minutes into the program. NOTE: This is no longer available due to the ITV Yorkshire site being re-designed. http://www.itvlocal.com/yorkshire/?player=YOR_HomePage_15&void=286980

Exhibition Preview

Finally, everyone gets to preview the final exhibition…and we get a photo of everyone in the group.

More work at the NSLC

We’ve spent most of today doing bits of tidying up at the NSLC. Putting covers over the cables, ordering safety chains for the monitors and testing out some more elements of the installation. We started today by getting all the creative team together and looking at how all the pieces interact. There was a general […]

Changes to interaction

Following Greg Dykes visit to YNIC, John and Kippa have suggested we change how the pieces interact with the public. The idea is to keep a single image or video on screen once a person approaches, rather than altering the element displayed the closer someone gets. This means that they can view the image or […]

Exhibition logo unveiled

A big thanks to Sam and David at Burn for designing the logo for the exhibition. The brief that we gave Sam and David was based on the session we did on publicity so we passed on the group’s ideas about the logo design i.e. that we wanted something that looked scientific but fun. As […]

Prototype gets the once over…

We installed one of the exhibition pieces at York Neuroimaging Centre yesterday and University of York Chancellor Greg Dyke came to have a look.

Long days at the NSLC

Setting up the exhibition continues, but over the last couple of days the work has been less physical and more to do with software, audio, video and image. With everything coming together for the first time, we’ve been starting to really work with the source material. Damian spent a long time working on how the […]

Installation at NSLC

Today we moved the exhibition pieces from the various locations to the National Science Learning Centre to begin setting up the exhibition. Although the move was fairly straight forward it still took most of the day. This is the first time we’ve had all the pieces together in one location and got a real feel […]

Technical rehearsal

Today we’ve been at a rehearsal studio in York carrying out some technical tests on the exhibition units. This has involved checking and deciding on final images for the exhibition, experimenting with various audio setups and playing with the interactivity…and drinking lots of coffee.

Funding for Brain Awareness Week

Me, Myself and MRI has received funding to run guided tours of the exhibition as part of Brain Awareness Week (16th to 21st March 2009): http://fens.mdc-berlin.de/news/?id=223 More details soon.