Sense of Place

Publicity Photos

Kippa Matthews came in tonight to take some publicity photos of the final piece. Most feature Damian’s iconic silhouette against the portcullis. It looks and sounds great at night, which is why we’ve arranged late night opening of the site. The pictures included here show a couple of different sections of the piece. From top […]

Finding your place

Maps of the city are projected on the walls of the Bar to show the exact point in history at the start of the three movements. Only the key elements are illustrated, namely the city walls, river, site of the Minster and the site of Bootham Bar.

On site – Final Adjustments

Using our makeshift desk, we made the final alterations to the lighting scheme for the site. The mixing desk information was then transferred to a data card to be run in the loft area, together with the rest of the audio and control equipment.


The main installation in Bootham Bar begins today. The lighting and audio system have to be attached to the structure and the control equipment installed in the loft area. Unfortunately we need to close access to the walls to be able to do this safely. Not sure this will make us very popular with the […]

Creating a lighting track

The lighting for the piece is going to be synchronised with the audio track. This means programming transitions for the lights, which will slowly move between two points in the space. The basic layout of the piece is being done in Impressions Gallery, before final adjustments are made onsite.

Lighting Tests

Today we’ve been in Impressions Gallery working on the lighting and audio tracks. Here you can see us testing out the LED lighting battons that are going to go behind the portcullis.

Recording the Nave

The Nave is a fantastic space to experience. Especially when being rested and at night.

Recording the bells

Had to make a trek up to the bell tower to record the bells. This meant we got to see a few views that most visitors to the Minster don’t get to see.¬†Above is a view taken with my very poor camera phone. The blurring is probably from me shaking!

Recording York Minster

Tonight is an epic stint in York Minster to take a new impulse response of the building. This time the Nave is being rested, which means that their won’t be any chairs to affect the resonance. We are also going up the bell tower to record the main chimes to use within the third movement.